Summer School on Low Dimensional Systems

Summer Schools on Low Dimensional Systems

1rst edition  June 17th-28th, 2019


June - 17th - 21rst  -Toulouse, France

June - 24th -28th - Montpellier, France


If you want to take part of both sessions, you should register for both separately

This website is for Toulouse school - Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electronic Transport (will be referred as TEM-transport) - click here to go to the Montpellier school and register to Montpellier


Nowadays, the fast acquisition of skills and know-how is essential. To start a project, answer questions, or consider new experiments, it is necessary to know how to prepare samples, do measurements, and understand results.
The purpose of this school is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of low dimensionality materials focusing on two techniques, transmission electron microscopy and electronic transport.
The3 afternoons dedicated to practical work will allow exploring the "how we do".
A similar school based on optical methods will be held in Montpellier the following week (June,24-28th,2019).

For who?
Students at Master level (second year) or beginning a PhD as well as any scientist starting a new activity are welcome to this school. The level is intermediate (i.e., not advanced), although some notions of quantum mechanics and diffraction will be explored.

Student (M2, PhD), post-doctorate: 290€ HT (348€ TTC) – Other: 380€ HT (456€ TTC)
Student rooms available at affordable price: for Toulouse: 110€ TTC


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